How to Sell Anything Online Without Creating it First

Imagine selling your offer . . . without creating it yet.



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by Neal Samudre in Recent Articles

Ever wonder how entrepreneurs are able to presell their products online without creating them first? How are they able to convince people to purchase a product that hasn’t been created yet? And why are all the top entrepreneurs doing this?

I never understood the importance of preselling until I released a product online that no one bought.

I had spent months preparing my audience to purchase an eBook I had created. Then, 3 months later, when it came time to release it—no one bought it.

Upon investigation, I found my problem wasn’t the product—it was that no one wanted the product. In other words, I made a product I thought people wanted, when in reality, they didn’t want it at all.

Ever wonder how entrepreneurs are able to sell their offers online, without creating them first? In this definitive article, I share a process I used to presell my products. Interactive workbooks included. Click the pin to read the strategy!

There are many of you reading this article because you understand the importance of preselling. You might’ve released a product you spent months to build, only to receive a lackluster response.

But the only thing missing in your mind is how to execute preselling in a smart and strategic way. You know it’s important, but the reason you haven’t done it for your products is because you don’t know how to effectively do it.

When you presell your product, you want:

  • People to buy without the guarantee of receiving the product instantly.
  • To adapt to what people want in the product, so you can put the best version on the market.
  • Have guaranteed buyers so your launch period is no longer guesswork.

So how do you accomplish all this in a smart and strategic way?

After doing a large amount of research on this matter, I came up with a strategy that allowed me to presell my product without creating it first.

Steal this strategy, and learn from it. Here’s what I did:

1. Make a guess.

All business is a hypothesis. So when you first start thinking about your product, you need to make an educated guess about what people actually want in your product.

If you are creating an online course, you need to create an outline of what you think people want in the curriculum.

If you are creating an app, you need to list out features you want available instantly.

If you are creating a book, you need to outline the chapters and story progression.

You begin with a general idea of what people want, and you create a bare skeleton of your project.

2. Create the sales page.

I always wondered how entrepreneurs were able to convince people to buy products they hadn’t created yet. If I were listening to an entrepreneur, and they said they hadn’t created the product I was looking for, I most likely wouldn’t buy.

But I found that entrepreneurs were able to sell their unfinished products with ease. How?

This is when I discovered the first step many entrepreneurs took in the preselling process.

Entrepreneurs who presell create a sales page with brilliant copy before they create the product.

In other words, they take their outline, create fantastic copy around that outline, and slap it on a sales page for people to buy.

The copy is what convinces people to buy, even without an instant guarantee.

Listen: people are only looking for their problem to be solved. If you can clearly communicate that your product—which isn’t finished yet—is the solution to their problem, then they will buy.

If the copy isn’t good, they won’t buy.

This is why great copywriting is so important for the online entrepreneur. If your copy does its job and persuades people to buy, then you know what you need to create.

But if your copy doesn’t persuade people to buy, then you know you either need to change one of three things:

  • You need to change the copy to address the true benefit/transformation a person will receive from your product.
  • You need to change the product to solve another problem.
  • You need to change something about the packaging or pricing.

Without people interacting with the copy on your sales page first, you have no idea whether your product hypothesis is going to work.

So advice to you: invest in a copywriter before you create your product. Great copy will save you tons of time, money, and mental energy. If you’re looking for a copywriter, fortunately, I can help.

Alternatively, you could download my Incredible Sales Copy Formula by filling out the form below, but more on that later!

3. Set a release date to happen a month in advance.

When people start interacting with your copy, and you either see sales or not, you now have a chance to tweak your product based on their feedback.

People not buying might just be a copy problem, or it could be way worse.

Nevertheless, you don’t find out how to tweak your product until people start engaging with your copy.

So then, you need time to create your product, while selling it at the same time. This is why you need to explicitly mention on your sales page that your product won’t be available until at least one month later.

Now you have time to create your product while gaining feedback about what people want in the product.


Recently, I used this strategy to presell a bundle I had come up with. While I created more than half the bundle very quickly, I wanted to make sure I was solving the problem my audience needed me to solve.

So I created a sales page before creating the other half of my product. I spent a few days concocting copy that encompassed the full goal of what I was trying to accomplish with my product bundle.

The next step I did was to send a wave of qualified leads to my sales page using a webinar.

Because I had created the sales page already, developing the webinar content was easy. I basically wrapped up the sales page copy into a teaching lesson. This also helped me gauge whether I was solving the right problem for my audience.

After the webinar, I delivered a follow-up sequence to my webinar registrants and sent them to my sales page.

When this didn’t produce satisfactory results, it let me know that the problem was the solution I was solving for my audience. My audience did not want the solution I was solving—they wanted something else.

Now, I’m back in the lab, testing to see what solution my audience needs more than anything.

If you walk away with anything from this article, I hope it’s this:

Outstanding copy is the key to preselling anything online.

Without brilliant copy, you can’t presell your product, or even, know what your product needs to become.

So by now, you’re probably thinking: Neal, I don’t know how to write copy that would presell my product/service for me.

How to actually write a sales page so irresistible, it practically sells your product for you?

Because I knew you would be thinking this, I developed a series of interactive workbooks to help you write your incredible sales page. It uses a proven formula for writing any compelling sales page, without creating a product first.

Fill out the form below to download “The Incredible Sales Copy Formula,” your guide to writing compelling copy.

In the meantime, know that you don’t have to waste time creating a product that won’t sell. Create the copy first, and test if it’ll sell. If it doesn’t sell, keep modifying the copy until it does.

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Get access to my master guide on creating an evergreen course funnel & the EXACT project workflow I use to create this course-selling machine.

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