The Definitive Guide to Making Your Small Email List Profitable

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An old mentor once told me that the reason I don’t have more is because I’m not doing all that I can with what I have.

I hated that he said this. I wanted to build my audience and make more money to support my family. I wanted to go from 0-100, from zero to hero.

But no matter how much I hated what he said, he was right.

You don't need a large audience to have a profitable email list. In this free course, you'll learn how to make any size list profitable.

People shouldn’t dream of riches if they don’t know how to take care of the pennies they have.

If they do somehow become an overnight success and make it big, they’ll squander it fast if they don’t have a foundation set in place.

This concept is true, in life and business.

And it is increasingly true when it comes to email lists.

If you look at all the top marketers, they’re all about building large email lists. And so we pine after everything they have to say about building large email lists while missing one key component.

It doesn’t matter how big your list is if you’re not caring for the list you have.

This might not be what you want to hear, but if you want to actually build a large email list, you must first take care of the small email list you currently have.

The Biggest Failures with Email Lists

People think of email lists as only a pool of people to send their new blog posts and product offerings to.

But if you’re anything like me, you don’t like to open up your email inbox and see a bunch of blog posts. You want personal communication. You want something that doesn’t look like an impersonal company newsletter. You want someone to actually care enough about you to send you valuable information rather than some new sale.

An email list, cared for correctly, is the most fundamental and valuable marketing asset our business could have.

Email lists are 10x more effective than social media, where people only log on to see baby photos and cat memes. People open up their emails typically for business. So when you meet them in their inbox with something valuable to make them better, they pay attention. Not when they’re looking for cat memes.

So then, if email lists are so effective, then why are so many entrepreneurs failing with their email lists?

If you’re wondering if you’re failing with your list, here are just a few ways you could be failing your list:

  • You email inconsistently.
  • Your emails look more like a company newsletter and not a personal letter.
  • You only email when you want people to buy.
  • You only send out blog posts.
  • Your blog posts send out automatically (for example, Mailchimp’s RSS-Driven Campaigns).
  • You aren’t guiding your subscribers anywhere.
  • You send the same emails to everyone on your list.
  • You don’t survey your audience.
  • You don’t engage with your audience.

Do you do any of the above? If you do, then don’t worry. I used to do ALL the above. But I learned. And hopefully, you will too.

You Don’t Need a Huge List

The first lesson in caring for your small email list is to realize that you don’t need a big email list to be profitable. Sure, you could make more money from a large email list, but you don’t need a certain amount of subscribers to make your list more profitable.

Realize this: you can make your small email list profitable.

But it’s all about caring for the people on your list first.

If you’re not caring for your list, then it won’t be profitable. It’s about quality over quantity.

Don’t believe me that a small email list can be profitable?

Well then, challenge accepted.

Just take my friend, John Meese, who sold his product for over $10,000 to his email list. Guess how big his list was? 250 subscribers.

Or take Tom Morkes, who raised over $12,000 for one of his books. His list was only 1,559 subscribers!

The secret is in caring for the list you have.

All this to say, stop aiming for a bigger list. Aim for a quality list first.

But How?

By now you’re hopefully convinced that the best thing you could do for your business is build and care for your email list.

But how?

We typically only fail our email list when we don’t know what to do with our existing list. We haven’t expanded the scope of our thinking, or thought of any way we could make our current list profitable.

Fortunately, there’s a system you could implement for caring for your list.

It’s not one of those sleazy, 10 steps to a million dollar sort of systems that you see a lot of entrepreneurs toot around. It’s not an easy system either.

But it is a proven and profitable system.

With my current email service provider, ConvertKit, I was able to make my small list profitable. Not only that, but I was able to learn the system for making any size list profitable.

If you feel like you’re failing your list, or that you’re not doing all that you can for your list, don’t worry.

I created a free course to teach you how to make your small list profitable.

I was originally going to make it into one complete guide. But after going super in-depth into this proven system, I decided that it would benefit you more if I turned it into an email course.

It’s called “How to Make Your Small Email List Profitable in 60 Days.

It shouldn’t sound too good to be true. In this free course, I teach you up to 3 weeks worth of content, and then I email in periodically to see where you are at in making your small list profitable.

Click the button below to get the first lesson instantly.

Join the FREE Profitable Small Email List Course

That having been said, I can’t wait to hear all the stories of how you made your small email list profitable.

It’s time to stop using our small email list as an excuse. It’s time we stop feeling discouraged from all the marketers who have large lists.

Instead, let’s change the way we connect with our lists.

Click below to take the free course and learn how.

Join the FREE Profitable Small Email List Course

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Also, since I shared some wise words of wisdom that changed the way I do business, why don’t you take the opportunity to share some wise words in the comments below?

What wise words do you have for business or life? Share below!

  1. Great post. I’m in a course now and we are learning on how to nurture our list very great results.

    1. Neal Samudre says:

      Thank you!

  2. Brenda Pace says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Neal!

    I recently stopped my Newsletter because I wasn’t happy with it nor the “lack of” engagement. I’ve signed up for your course and look forward to learning how to kick it into high gear and engage!

    Thank you again!


    1. Neal Samudre says:

      Hope you receive a lot from it Brenda!

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