How to Launch Your First Passive Income Funnel in 5 Days

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Owning a business is no fun when you’re too busy to enjoy it.

Many of us dream of owning a business so we could enjoy the freedoms entrepreneurship provides. We dream of …

  • More time with with our loved ones at home.
  • Having the ability to travel whenever we want, without having to place a notice at work months in advance.
  • Having the creativity and flexibility to pursue what we want.
  • Not having a ceiling on how much money we can make in a given year.

These are the freedoms we’re meant to experience in entrepreneurship. But so often, the opposite happens …

Want to build an automated sales funnel to help you get more clients and more sales on autopilot? I'm guessing your answer is a HECK YES. There's only one problem ... you don't have the time to build a great funnel. If that's you, this article will save your life.

We launch a business and we’re busier than ever.

  • We trade working 9am-5pm to working 5am-12pm.
  • We spend all of our free time cooking up ways to get more clients and sales.
  • We stress out about where our next check will come from.
  • We feel we must do more to keep our business growing.

If any of this sounds like you, I understand where you are! In fact, a little more than a year ago, this was me.

That is, until I learned more about passive income funnels …

What is a passive income sales funnel & why do I need it?

I took the last week in December completely off … and I still made $600 that week. This was because of my passive income sales funnel.

An automated sales funnel is a mechanism that guides casual readers into becoming loyal buyers. And the best part is, all of this happens on autopilot.

You set up a sales funnel once, and—depending on how good the funnel is—it makes sales every day.

Sales funnels are the solution for the overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneur.

Why? Because it introduces what I call “margin” in your business. Margin is space—the necessary breathe of air you need in your business so it doesn’t overwhelm your life.

When you have margin in your business you can:

  • Feel free to turn down potential clients if they aren’t your dream client.
  • Take off, and not have your business suffer.
  • Charge higher–because you don’t need to take every possible client that comes your way.
  • Only do the work you love, when you want it.
  • You can take the time necessary to scale your business.

Passive income funnels—or, a funnel that sells a product divorced from your time—provide margin in business and life.

And this is why, as a copywriter and marketing consultant, I’ve made it my mission to build funnels for my clients: I believe more entrepreneurs need passive income funnels. We all need margin if we truly want a business that’ll actually allows us to enjoy the freedoms of entrepreneurship.

The problem with great sales funnels

The only hindrance an entrepreneur might have in building their first amazing sales funnel is it takes time.

When you’re doing work for your clients, taking every client that comes your way, and trying to stay on top of your business and personal life, building a great sales funnel can be difficult. Where do you find the time?

Fortunately for you, the passive income funnel I have installed in my business right now only took me 5 days to create.

If you have a spare 5 days, then listen carefully. The strategy I’m going to teach you will instantly introduce more cash flow into your business …

How to build a passive income funnel in 5 days

The first myth you need to tackle before you can create your passive income funnel is this …

You do not need to have your product built to create a passive income funnel.

In fact, I recommend launching your passive income funnel without creating your product first. Instead, you’ll presell your product.

The strategy to launching a passive income funnel in 5 days can be summed up in one sentence: create 5 emails that’ll pitch your product’s presale.

After going through a series a 5 emails (what I call the onboarding sequence of a funnel), your new subscribers will hopefully buy the presell of your product.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this strategy …

What you need and how to do it

First off, you need an email marketing system with an autoresponder feature. Once people sign up for your email list, you want them to go through this 5 email sequence.

I recommend ConvertKit. It’s simple to use and simple to set up. If you want to try out ConvertKit and see what I mean, click here to get your first month of ConvertKit FREE.

You also need an idea for a product. The best way to get an idea you know will sell is to survey your audience (if you have an email list).

If you don’t have an email list, search the Internet to see if someone has sold a similar product to your idea. If no one has, then find another idea. Why? Because this means, there’s no market for your idea. If someone has released a similar product, it means there is a market.

You will also need a way to accept payments. While you’re preselling your product, I recommend starting simple and having people pay you through PayPal. Once your finish your product, you can set up a more advanced checkout page (through something like SamCart or Gumroad).

Once you have these elements you can start building your simple passive income funnel! Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. In your email marketing service, set up an autoresponder of 5 emails.
  2. Follow the Write Your First Funnel course and write the 5 emails.
  3. Set up a page to host your buy button.
  4. Set up your product in a service like PayPal or Gumroad.
  5. Price your product below $100 (see why below).
  6. Once people complete checkout, guide them to an area where you can capture their email address and stay in touch with them.
  7. Publish your first funnel.

A couple things to mention about this process …

First off, I created a FREE 5-day email course on how to write the emails in this first funnel. It’s called Write Your First Funnel course.

Click here and sign up for the Write Your First Funnel course.

If you follow the scripts I teach in that course, your emails will sell without a hitch!

Secondly, you want to price your product below $100 for the presale. Here’s why …

Anything priced below $100 is in the impulse buy range. Usually a person can make a fast buying decision if a product is priced below $100.

So if your funnel is only comprised of emails, it’s easier to sell a product less than $100. If your product is priced any higher than $100, you’ll have to implement other means for selling your product (like implementing a webinar or a sales call).

With a product priced below $100, you’ll have a higher conversion rate with your email funnel.

Third, how do you bring traffic into this funnel? Because truth is, if you don’t have traffic coming into this funnel, you won’t make money with it.

To do this, you need to: 1.) share it everywhere, 2.) do more outreach and guest blogging opportunities, or 3.) consider paid advertising.

Your homework assignment

Stop selling yourself the lie that you don’t have time to build a funnel! All you need is a few hours to write 5 emails, and voila! You have your first funnel.

Now the choice is yours. The only way to add more margin in your business is to take action on the few key items to move your business forward. If you take action on the items discussed in this article, I promise you won’t regret it.

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Get access to my master guide on creating an evergreen course funnel & the EXACT project workflow I use to create this course-selling machine.

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