How to Sound Less Sleazy to Your Online Audience

Because when you're non-sleazy, you stand out!



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by Neal Samudre in Recent Articles

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had your “scam senses” tingle while scoping the online business world.

What I mean is, have you ever had the feeling that someone was scamming you online?

People who brag on their success as a way to get you to purchase a 5,000 dollar product are everywhere in the online business world. It’s easier to con, scam, and trick when there’s a screen between you and your audience.

Inauthenticity is one of the many things plaguing the world of online business. It gives many people in this industry a bad name.

Inauthenticity and sleaziness are running rampant in the online business world. But with this ONE skill, you can be the difference. You can stand out and build a business that's meaningful to you.

But now, raise your hand if you’ve ever seen an online business that was truly genuine—where they weren’t trying to make a sale from you every minute, and were instead interested in impacting your life?

Do businesses like this stand out to you? They do to me.

If I can’t spot the authenticity of a person speaking online, then I don’t buy from them. I don’t follow them, and I count their stuff as spam.

I say all this because . . .

In the world of online business, it’s a skill to be authentic.

It’s a skill to appeal to people on a human level. And here’s why: it’s so easy to fall into a sales script when you can’t see the people you’re selling to. It’s so easy for people not to trust you when they can’t see you.

If people can trust you without having to meet you in person, that’s a skill.

So how do you accomplish this?

Because let’s face the facts: if you have an online business, you are trying to sell something. You are trying to reach a large audience, and get them to buy your product/service. But while you are trying to sell, that’s not all you’re concerned about. You’re concerned about so much more.

So how do you communicate that? How do you appeal to people?

In other words, how do you sound like an authentic human being and not like a sales robot?

To answer this, I’m going to tell a story. I told this story in a previous email, but it’s so good for our purposes today.

Recently I was at a conference held by an online entrepreneur that I highly respect. He is a man who is genuine about his family, his faith, and his values—and that makes me trust him. And so, I trusted him enough to attend his conference.

At the conference, he asked people if they could remember the last email that he sent them. To my surprise, more than half the room raised their hand. To my even greater surprise, he called on a person and asked:

“What was my email about?”

Again I was hit with surprise. The person was able to recall what the email was about. The conference host just smiled because he proved his point.

He said that stories are powerful in our communication.

And the reason that people were able to remember his last email was because he told a compelling story. But get this—the story did more than just seal his email in people’s memory. The story allowed them to connect with his humanity.

So how do you sound like an authentic human being and not a brand selling from behind a screen? Easy. You tell stories.

Your online business, your marketing, and your products should all be drenched with stories. And they shouldn’t just be stories that are aimed to get a sale. They should be stories from your personal life—stories of comedies, tragedies, or just of raw authenticity.

You accumulate these stories by building a personal archive of stories.

I heard this idea from Ray Edwards, so I can’t take credit for it.

But basically, you list out all the stories that meant something to you in your life, and then you attach a teaching principle to them. Then when you need a story in your business or for marketing purposes, you can refer back to this list and find a story that communicates the principle you want to teach.


Do this to gather better stories:

1. Think about the stories in your life that meant something to you.

2. Give them titles and put them on a list.

3. Next to the title, attach a teaching principle to it. (For instance, from my list, “The time I ripped my shirt off while performing Michael Jackson = Courage)

4. Refer to them in the future to communicate the points you want in your business.

That’s how you sound like a human, and not a brand, online.

Of course, you might still struggle gathering stories or sound human in your online communication. Every time you email your audience, it might feel like you’re going through a performance, and not being yourself.

Don’t worry. It happens in the beginning stages of business.

In fact, this is exactly the sort of stuff I’m covering in my new Audience that Matters Program. Basically, there are a couple lessons in the program where I tell you what you should write in your emails so that you can sound human to your audience. This is how you build trust with them!

But more on that program soon. Like really soon. ?

For now, start gathering your stories. And if you want, you can even share them with me. I love a good story.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I love this blog! i also enjoyed reading the actionable steps to take. It is so easy when talking about products to get caught up in the idea of redundant salesy pitch. I value your ideas here about being more personable and authentic in your blogs. I think this is something I need to focus alittle more on doing for mine as well.

  2. Great post! It isn’t easy to find your voice, and when you think you got it, you can still be worried… will it be special enough…? I completely agree, it’s a key part of getting the business on the right track! Need some courage 🙂

  3. I think this happens to the best of us: we forget we’re not just a brand, but people. Will try some of these tips for sure.

  4. Great reminder! I’ve been so focused on the tactics I have incorporated storytelling as much as I need to. Thanks for this reminder!

  5. Marlene says:

    Great post! And so true, I tell this to my clients as well. You don’t have to spill your guts, but letting people know a little bit more about you is what makes you human and relatable.

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