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Here’s a fact: business—or the way people make money today—is constantly changing.

We live in an age where technological advancement is meeting financial insecurity. And the result is, more makers, artists, teachers, writers, musicians, and skilled professionals are finding their dream career online.

Slowly but surely, online business is becoming the norm.

But here’s the thing. After working with several entrepreneurs to improve their business online, I still sense this general feeling of, “I don’t have the skills to make money online.” There still exists this wall between people who think they have what it takes and people who don’t.

It’s true—you do need business skills to be an entrepreneur with an online venture today. But what those skills look like is changing.

To be an entrepreneur in the past, you had to learn how to raise venture capital. Now you could learn how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign. To be an entrepreneur in the past, you had to learn how to find physical space to store your assets. Now you could host your entire business in an online space. So on and so forth.

Online business is completely changing the skills necessary to make money today. But this doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The skills necessary for entrepreneurship in the past stayed relatively the same for years. There wasn’t much change. This isn’t so today.

With online business, what’s basic today wasn’t quite basic one year ago.

To give you an example, just look at the fast growth of the email marketing startup, ConvertKit. ConvertKit has revolutionized the way many bloggers and entrepreneurs used to do email marketing. Segmenting and tagging subscribers used to be luxuries—now they’re basic and crucial.

Business skills are advancing at a fast rate. So it can be difficult to keep up.

Because of this, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of learning new skills to improve your business.

Whether you’re an author or a pastor, it’s becoming more important to learn how to make money for your craft online with the new business skills that exist today.

Now, I say all this for a reason.

I believe everyone has a shot at becoming an entrepreneur, especially today. Not only that, but I believe everyone should become an entrepreneur.

They don’t have to do business full-time. They can have a side-hustle. But more people today need the flexibility of online business—especially when the economy is as shaky as it is today.

Not knowing the skills of today should not bar you from doing meaningful work.

This is why I am undergoing a new campaign to help you master the skills of today and start anything online.

It’s called “Skills that Matter.”

Skills that Matter is an email newsletter that will go out every Saturday morning (starting August 6th) with a simple goal in mind: learn a new business skill each week.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur already or an aspiring entrepreneur, you still need to keep on top of the fast-changing skills of today if you are going to monetize your passion online and do meaningful work.

Some of the topics that’ll be included in the weekly email are:

  • How to build a one-page website.
  • How to set up your email list.
  • How to get fast clients on social media.
  • How to turn your blog into something more.
  • How to find quality leads online.
  • How to be honest and genuine in a space where everyone’s an expert.
  • How to publish your expertise.
  • How to raise money.
  • And more!

I say this again: it’s important to have business online. So don’t let not knowing the skills of today bar you from making a living today.

Whether you just want to start a side hustle or want to completely revolutionize the way you make money, it’s time to learn the skills you need to do this.

Sign up using the form below and expect a new skill to drop into your inbox first thing Saturday morning. Use your weekend to learn a new skill, and start Monday off right.

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Sign up and receive a new business skill in your inbox every Saturday morning.

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