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Migrate to ConvertKit, Grow Your List, and Make More Money in Your Business

If the money is in the list, speaking to the list should be easy.

If you’re like most of the people I work with, you know just how important having an online audience is. You long to have a hustle-free business where you serve your audience with ease.

Only problem is, communicating and building your audience isn’t simple at all.

  • You’re tired of the complexity of Infusionsoft or the lack of marketing features in Mailchimp.
  • You would engage with your email list more, but the process of writing and sending a simple email to your list is absolutely abhorring.
  • Because you don’t understand your email marketing service, you can’t set up the systems you need to make more money in your business.
  • On top of all this, you’re not even sure your emails are being delivered.

You know what the problem is …

Your email marketing service is too complicated.

You simply can’t trust your business with it.

And as a result of this, you are busier than ever trying to find new solutions and workarounds to make your lackluster email marketing service work for your business.

You know it shouldn’t be this difficult to speak to your audience.

You wish you could …

  • Send an email with ease.
  • Know exactly what your audience wants from you.
  • Build simple email sales funnels to sell more while hustling less.
  • Have a straightforward way you, or anyone on your team, can speak to your audience.

This isn’t a pipedream. Communicating with your email list can be simple. And making more money from your email list is possible …


sales-emailOne year ago, I was about ready to give up on the hope of making sales from my email list. I had a decent sized email list, but my readers were barely engaging with me, and I had little to no sales.

But instead of giving up, I spent months doing heavy research, trying to find the hole in my email marketing strategy.

And here’s what I realized: my email marketing system was failing me.

I was spending more time trying to make Mailchimp work for me than I was making sales in my business.

On top of all this, I was spending $50 a month to Mailchimp for a list that sat stagnant. The people on this list weren’t doing much of anything.

I knew it shouldn’t be this difficult to make sales from my email list.

I saw other entrepreneurs succeeding with small email lists, and I kept wondering to myself: “what did they have that I didn’t?”

So I reached out and found their solution …

Within just two weeks of implementing this solution, I had a funnel in place with 300 new subscribers pouring into that funnel. By the end of it, I finally had sales.

So what tool changed everything for my business?

What tool made email marketing simple to understand?

And what tool turned my audience from dull to engaged?



ConvertKit is the number one email marketing platform out there right now. And if you dive into all of its features, you would understand why.

The greatest difference ConvertKit has made in my marketing has been introducing advanced elements of marketing (like tagging, segmenting, funnels) in a simple way.

Before I thought I needed to spend an arm and a leg with Infusionsoft to get these features.

But with ConvertKit, I get everything I need to serve my audience well.


Here’s everything ConvertKit allows me to do that I wasn’t doing before with Mailchimp:

  • Add content upgrades to every article so I can grow my list easily. This enabled me to get rid of LeadPages!
  • Tag my subscribers so I can track their interests. I could now stop bugging my audience with endless surveys!
  • Automate everything so I don’t have to do manual work of importing and exporting. With their powerful automation, I can set up sales funnels in just minutes.
  • Automatically pitch, upsell, and downsell my subscribers with sequences that run without my daily involvement. I could now take myself out of marketing every day.
  • Segmenting that allows me to group subscribers and send them content that’s custom-tailored to their needs and preferences.

Are you doing any of this with your current provider? Maybe you are, but you have to hire someone to do it for you because it’s too complicated to understand.

It’s time to utilize the power of email marketing without the complication.

It’s time to make communicating with your audience simple again.

And with ConvertKit, I can help.



CK-badgeAfter helping several clients switch over to ConvertKit, and actually working full-time with the company to bring on their biggest clients, I joined their team in another role: as a ConvertKit Certified Expert.

Basically, I’m an expert at getting your business setup in ConvertKit.

If you’re convinced ConvertKit is the right move for you, then let me help you get set up, and learn the strategy necessary to make money from your audience.

With my special migration package, I make the move to ConvertKit easy. I take your entire business, and move it onto the platform without any hassle of:

  • Not knowing to which email provider new subscribers are being sent.
  • Stopping any sequence you currently have running.
  • Sending duplicate emails in both providers.
  • Managing the switch in all your integrations.
  • Having your subscribers send you angry emails and unsubscribing because of your mistakes during the move.

With a simple migration from me, you’ll avoid all this stress, AND learn all the strategy you need from a proven expert.


Here’s everything you get with my special migration package:

  • Import ALL your subscribers from previous email service provider
  • Create tags and segments to simplify your list
  • Integration of up to 5 forms on your website
  • Installation of all desired lead magnet and content upgrade downloads
  • Migrate up to 5 automations/sequences from previous email service provider
  • Automating your sequences so new subscribers can take the actions you want
  • Connecting all your forms to your sequences
  • 1 custom branded email template and unsubscribe link
  • Integration with any third-party service like WordPress, Teachable, Squarespace, LeadPages, SumoMe, and more.
  • 1 week of follow-up email support

On top of all this, you get BONUSES like:

A Guided 1-on-1 Walkthrough of ConvertKit

You don’t have to learn ConvertKit on your own. After everything in the migration is set up, we jump on Skype together and I show you everything you need to know about ConvertKit. Plus, we record your call so you can keep it forever.

A FREE Month of ConvertKit

If you want to test the ropes before you go all in, you can get one month of ConvertKit absolutely free while we set up everything. And then, you only pay when you’re actively growing your list and making money because of ConvertKit.

A Sales Funnel Copywriting and Strategy Consultation

Since I am all about writing funnels to help you hustle less and sell more in your business, I will give you a FREE consultation session where we strategize what high-converting sales funnel you could build within ConvertKit to grow your business. I wll then teach you how to set up this funnel so you will be successful no matter what.

To fully set up a business like this, I typically charge thousands of dollars. But because I believe everyone needs a simpler email marketing system, I will give all of this to you for one simple price of . . .


That price includes the done-for-you service, the consultation, and the clarity to scale your business with email. Just click the button below to get started.


What if I’m not satisfied with the migration?

While I cannot refund you for the service, I have a policy to not end your work until you are completely satisfied with the result.

ConvertKit is a little too pricey for me now. Is it worth it?

Look. The only reason ConvertKit is pricey for you now is because you’re not making enough in your business to sustain the costs. Once you get setup with a fully-functioning strategy, ConvertKit will make you more than enough money. This is an investment, not a cost.

Why do I need a sales funnel, and how does that relate with ConvertKit?

A sales funnel is what allows you to be less busy getting sales for your business. Basically, it generates sales for you on autopilot. And ConvertKit allows you to build this sales machine. I’ll teach you how.

Why work with you on this?

Simply put, I give you the business expertise to make you successful with ConvertKit on your first day. Plus, as an extra perk, everyone who does a migration with me gets a LIFETIME 20% OFF all my copywriting services.

Wow, I’m sold! What happens now?

Well, I want to meet you! 🙂

First, schedule a call with me. After our call, I will send you a sheet and we’ll map out your existing funnels. Once that sheet is complete, I’ll work on your migration and give it to you within 1 week. You will double check everything before it goes live, and then we’ll do a simple walkthrough of the platform where I teach you everything you need to know to be successful.


So you see, I just don’t leave you to learn a new platform by yourself.

As a certified expert, copywriter, and marketing consultant, I will partner with you to simplify your business with email, and as a result, make more money from your audience.

All you have to do is click the button below and schedule a chat with me. If you decide I can serve your needs and take your business to the next level, then we will move forward with the migration after payment.

Are you ready to scale your business, grow your audience, and make more money online? Then let’s partner together to build the meaningful audience you dream of with ConvertKit.