How to Change the Focus of Your Business Without Messing Everything Up

Here's how to not be scared with changing directions.



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by Neal Samudre in Recent Articles

Have you ever had that feeling that you’re not doing what you should be doing?

Let’s say you built a business, and offered one service for a long time. But now, you feel like you would be able to better serve people performing a different service. In other words, you want to change the focus of your business.

How do you transition to a new focus for your business, without angering your audience or cutting off your cash flow?

Because you need to be happy with the work you’re doing, and you need to make money as well.

Are you scared to changed the focus of your business, even though you know you need to? Here's how to transition gracefully without angering your audience or messing anything up.

How do you change the focus of your business to keep both passion and profit?

If you’ve been following my blog at all in the past week or so, you would see that I fully transitioned my business to focus on copywriting.

For those of you who don’t know, copywriting is writing content primarily used to advertise or sell. In my eyes, it’s the business world’s form of art, and I love it.

But as you can imagine, copywriting is different than business coaching. In fact, it attracts an entirely different audience. Those who were drawn to my business coaching didn’t have businesses built up online quite yet. Meanwhile, those attracted to my copywriting know the value of great copy, and have the budget to spend for it.

So how did I navigate this transition? And what can it teach you about how to change your business’s focus?

Let’s dig right into it.

The first important thing to understand is, you need to niche down in your business.

Many of you reading this have an online business, but you talk about vague concepts and ideas such as finding your passion and living with meaning.

While those are important ideas, you build greater profit by choosing a specific problem in the world to tackle.

Let’s face it: the online business world is vast. There are a billion kajillion online entrepreneurs out there. So how do you make a dent in such a large world?

You solve what only YOU can solve.

In other words, you choose a specific people you want to serve, and solve a specific problem for them.

Without niching down, you’re just another face in the sea.

When I started my business, I knew I wanted to hone in on a specific need in the online business world. But I didn’t know what that one need was yet . . .

So here’s how I changed the focus of my business and honed in on what I wanted my business to be about:

1. Start broad.

When I first started Essential Hustle, I gave it a very broad focus and focused on helping people build online businesses.

If you haven’t started your business yet (or aren’t making money online from your website yet), but don’t know what problem to focus on with your business, then start broad. Give yourself room to hone in.

The first service I provided with Essential Hustle was business coaching. I did this because I knew that coaching would give me the opportunity to test drive different elements in the online business world, and find my gifting and passion.

With each client I coached, I found that copywriting was my one true love.

So if you don’t know what you should focus on yet, start with a broad service like coaching. Or even, start with a broad topic.

As you talk about different topics in your subject matter, you’ll eventually land on the topic that lights you up inside.

2. Test the new focus of your business.

So let’s say you find a focus that really gets you going, but you’re wondering if this is the right move for you. Should you make this topic the entire focus of your business?

This is where you test the new focus of your business. Here’s how I tested my focus.

When I arrived upon copywriting as being the problem I want to focus on in my business, I wanted to test whether I would be successful in this arena. I didn’t want to switch from business coaching if I wasn’t talented with copywriting.

So I gave myself the ultimatum to not go public with the focus change unless I got a few copywriting clients under my belt.

The only reason you’re seeing my switch to copywriting is because I landed 4 consistent copywriting clients.

Now you might test the new focus of your business in different ways. You could:

  • Send out a survey to your audience and ask if they would be interested/buy from you if you offered a new product/service?
  • Find clients you help for free, and get their feedback on if your new focus is feasible, based on your work for them.
  • Ask unbiased professionals where they see your gifting.

Note on that last one: I consulted with a few professionals in my industry, and they said I could really make a dent in the copywriting world. And I hadn’t told them I was interested in copywriting. It provided the validation I needed to dive headfirst into this new territory.

Don’t change the focus of your business without gauging your success with it first. Get validation anywhere you can before you do anything.

3. Alert your audience of the change.

If you’ve gathered an audience under your old topic, and want to change, then don’t just spring the change on them. Let your audience know WHY you made the change, and how it’ll impact them as your followers.

Your audience is sacred.

Don’t treat them as a commodity and just spring a new focus on them. Take care of them. Nurture them. Let them know they’ll still be taken care of.

With that being said, I want you, my audience, to know that I don’t take this change in my business lightly. I still care about where you are in your business. I’m still here to offer you all the help I can.

And also, I want you to know: copywriting is the MOST important skill I believe I can teach you in the online business world.

The decision to focus on copywriting is my way of providing you with more value.

So let’s take this journey together. Let me teach you how to communicate better online.

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I hope you’re as excited about this change as I am! What troubles do you have with changing the focus of your business? Comment below!

  1. You know, starting broad is a great way to niche down and discover what you ACTUALLY want to do, and I realized I truly want to share knowledge and teach instead of providing “done for you” services. And that is now the focus and direction of my business!

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Get access to my master guide on creating an evergreen course funnel & the EXACT project workflow I use to create this course-selling machine.

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