8 Essential Tools to Manage Your Online Business



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Thanks for subscribing to Essential Hustle, where I (Neal Samudre) share with you how you can prioritize what matters in life by focusing on the essentials in business.

There are plenty of tools out there you could use to build and manage your business, but these tools can also be fairly expensive. And when you’re just starting, you need to operate on as little expense as possible while also having the best tools available.

So where do you turn?

Whenever I get this question, I always recommend the same resources to people, not because they these resources give me money to do so, but rather because I love them. This list of resources has helped me easily make money online, without requiring an arm and a leg.

And now, I’m willing to share them with you.

Here are my 8 best resources for building and managing an online business:

bluehost-logo1. Bluehost for Hosting

I can’t even begin to share with you my love for Bluehost. They’re incredibly easy to use, they have excellent customer service, and they have a one-step install for WordPress websites.

When you’re first starting out with building a website, go to Bluehost and they’ll guide you through the entire process. If you need help with starting a WordPress website through Bluehost, follow this tutorial I worked up. It’s easy!

convertkit_logo2. ConvertKit for Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the number one way to make money online. All you need to do is build an audience and serve them. While that’s incredibly difficult, some email marketing systems can make it easy for you.

ConvertKit is that system.

With an advanced tagging, segmentation, autoresponder, and automation system, you can track the behaviors of all your subscribers, and be able to speak to their interests. You can also build landing pages and pop-ups with them. It’s the most intuitive and advanced email marketing system out there. And it’s also the very system I used to build this audience. They’re amazing!

To get one entire month of ConvertKit FREE, use the special link below that’s only available to Essential Hustle subscribers.


canva-circle-logo3. Canva for Graphic Design

I used to feel incredibly inadequate when it came to designing compelling graphics for my brand. I never knew what was a great design. I simply put words over photos.

But now, with Canva, I feel like a professional graphic designer!

Canva gives you tons of premade templates to choose from so you can easily make a graphic for social media. Canva also gives you an incredible amount of free icons, photos, and different elements to use with your design.

Finally, we have an easy to use program to create simple graphics for our brand.

logo-studiopress4. Studiopress for WordPress Themes

When creating new websites for businesses, I would first go to Themeforest and scan through hundreds of themes to set up on my WordPress website. It was overwhelming.

I would finally choose a theme, but have to spend tons of time coding and tweaking it to make it fit my needs. Not only that, but I would buy these theme from developers who don’t take the time to update them. So as soon as a new upgrade came out for a plugin, my theme was obsolete.

Now I build my websites using only Studiopress themes.

Studiopress themes run on the Genesis framework, which is incredibly powerful and easy to use. There are tons of plugins out there that work perfectly for Genesis websites, and Studiopress updates their theme all the time.

If you’re looking for a fast and highly functional theme, go to Studiopress and save yourself tons of time you would otherwise spend tweaking a dinky theme from Themeforest.

yeti5. Yeti Microphone for Podcasting

You might not be a podcaster, but if you are, this is the one tool you need to create professional podcasts.

Before I had this microphone, I was using a regular Shure microphone that made my podcasts sound like I was recording in middle of traffic. When I made this upgrade (along with a pop filter), the quality of my podcasts drastically improved.

The thing is, you don’t only need to use this microphone for podcasts. You can use it for Skype calls, webinars, video recordings, etc. I use this microphone for everything that involves capturing my voice.

gumroad_logo6. Gumroad for Selling

I used to have a WooCommerce plugin on my website to sell digital products online. But as my Themeforest theme grew older and my WooCommerce plugin began not working for my theme any longer, I began to search for alternative solutions.

I wanted a solution that would manage the whole selling process for me, while having a clean and simple layout for the users to make purchases.

That’s when I found Gumroad.

I built my entire store on Gumroad, and it worked like a charm. The best part was, I could sell my product in minutes and not have to worry about a thing. It took a total of five minutes to set up a preorder for my product, and then I was instantly up and running.

I could also integrate Gumroad on my website! It was everything I dreamed of from an online store.

paypal7. Paypal for Payment

You need a tool to get paid online. Why starting my online business, this didn’t worry me too much because I had gotten paid through Paypal before.

All I did for this part was set up a business account with Paypal, create invoices, and then I was done. My clients could pay for their bill via their emailed invoice. It’s too easy.

Of course, Paypal takes a sizable percentage of your transaction, but it’s worth it. My clients always comment on how easy and fast it is to pay me via Paypal invoicing.


8. Leadpages for Landing Pages

If you want to convert users who arrive on your website, then you need a landing page. A landing page is optimized to get people to subscribe to your email list, webinar, download an incentive, etc.

Leadpages is the best tool to creating fast, easy to use landing pages that convert well!

Leadpages helps me convert people when giving presentations, when promoting an offer, and when putting together FB ads. It’s a must have tool if you want to do online marketing right.


There you have it. You don’t have to break the bank to start an online business. Most of these tools are either free or less than $100. And in my experience, they’re the best tools out there.

If you want to grow your business, I recommend having these tools in your repertoire. These tools are essential for keeping your business simple.

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